Lani- June 6

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Our day started with going to Tottus—the local supermarket—to buy some things to prepare for outreach in an area called Chosica tomorrow. Afterwards we returned to the base to sort through some of the clothes we plan on bringing with us to give away during outreach. Thank you to everyone who donated clothing for this ministry!

At around 1pm, Jami, Scotty, Sam, and Dania (their translator) headed to Yolanda’s house for lunch. Jami said that they had really good conversations about what it means for brothers and sisters to share their heart for God with one another. They talked about how special it was for believers to connect even despite cultural barriers that may exist between them. After their meeting, they returned back to the base and rested a bit before Jami and Sam headed out for their next meeting at 5pm with a woman from the church named Gloria, and her daughter Chiqui. They also had really good conversations about the amazing things that God had been doing in their lives. There were many stories of miracles that they believe God allowed them to witness, which they believe is an incredible testament to the power and vastness of the Lord.

In the evening at 8pm, I went with Scott and John to the Barba’s home where we had dinner with Lisset. Her husband Eduardo was planning to join, but unfortunately could not because he got held up by work. Regardless, it was still a really great time. They had a very lovely home with three kids. The oldest girl, Gabriella, was actually one of the teens I had discipled the last time I was in Peru. I was glad to get a chance to get to know her mother and her family better. Lisset was incredibly hospitable and very open with us. She shared many stories about how she ended up coming to Grace Life and also about how she even ended up Christian; all of which were very moving and indicative of how faithful the Lord had been in the life of her family.

God is truly showing us so much through His body here in Lima. It’s been a huge blessing to share life and share meals with individuals who have become no different from family:)

Prayer Requests:

  1. For our ministry Tuesday and Wednesday in Chosica. We will be going door-to-door to meet people and provide them with some clothes. Please pray for softened hearts for the people and excited spirits for the team.
  2. Prayers for safety as we travel from place to place.
  3. Sam and David have been feeling sick. Please lift them up in prayer so that they will be ready for the ministry that’s ahead.