People in today’s time are at various levels of commitment in their spiritual journey and walk with the Lord. All of these people do not fit nicely on a vertical hierarchy of maturity and knowledge of God, but rather, they fit on a horizontal spectrum from being hostile to the Gospel to being a fully devoted disciple of Christ. Nevertheless, we believe that there are four major points on this spectrum that can serve as a marker to the progress that one is making in their spiritual journey.

 1st Marker First of these markers is “does the person have a saving faith in and knowledge of God?” In other words, has this person come to a point in his or her spiritual journey where a person has accepted Christ as his or her personal Savior and Lord?
2nd marker The second marker is, “has the person come to truly experience Him, His power, His grace and His love so that the person is compelled by His love?” This person has not only accepted Christ, but is on the journey of deepening his or her relationship with God and discovering “who God is” as he or she continues to encounter and experience Him.
3rd marker The third marker is “how much has the person grown in character and in knowledge of God, His Word, and Doctrine?” Further, has the person genuinely accepted Christ and has had such a loving relationship with God that this person is self-motivated to grow and change.
4th marker The fourth and last marker is, “how is the person being trained, given opportunities to serve and glorify God by being a Great Commission Partner?” In other words, how is this person now expanding the Kingdom of God by using the gifts and talents that one possesses?


We believe that it is our goal to meet people wherever they are in their walk of faith and continue them onward toward that “for which Christ Jesus took hold of” them. In order to facilitate this process Grace Life Church is constantly developing other venues that complement our current small groups. One such venue is Discipleship. Discipleship at GLC is divided into three phases that an individual would journey through one at a time.

In this phase, we try to help people to be grounded in their faith by starting out with some Foundational Truths that all followers of Christ should know. Then, we move into other Doctrines and focus on Biblical Theology. This phase is divided into following segments: 4 weeks, 7 weeks, and 11 weeks. We meet weekly for an hour and a half. The schedule is based on the people who are in the group and is flexible. Please sign up and attend the orientation for more specific information.
In this phase, we help you to grow and prepare you to do ministry by investing in your training as a Kingdom minded influencer. We move away from some of the structured meetings that Phase 1 is based on and implement a more multi-faceted arrangement where you are challenged to take greater initiative in your own spiritual growth and walk with God.

Phase 2 Structure

Discipleship Phase 2 Structure

Core Trainings/Seminars Listing

  • Christian Doctrines
  • Leadership Training
  • Evangelism
  • Prayer
  • Church Planting
  • Personal Vision, Mission, & Core Values
  • Prayer/Fasting
  • Genres of Christian Faith
  • Preaching
  • Small Group Leading
  • How to Study the Bible
  • Bible Survey
  • Ministry Team Development
  • Short Term Mission
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Intercessory Prayer Training
  • Listening to God’s Voice
  • Basic Theology
  • Knowing and Doing God’s Will
  • Apologetics
  • World Religions
  • Worship
  • History of Christianity
  • and more…

Through this phase, you will:

  • Learn in a setting designed to maximize spiritual growth
  • Gain practical and applicable leadership and ministry skills
  • Receive mentoring to shape your development as a kingdom influencer
  • Belong to a relational community with others who are in training like yourself
In this phase we try to match you up with a person who is further along in their spiritual journey for personal mentoring and character growth. Groups will be much smaller usually 2 or 3 per mentor. We hope that through this ongoing discipleship we will see leaders raised up who possess a clear, significant vision from God and are able to communicate that in such a way as to influence others around them. The end goal is that we are making disciples who will be able to make disciples of others around them.

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