Summer Update

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Hola Amigos! Since the last update, there has been a flurry of activities and events! We had two teams from the United States come. One group, comprised of students from JHU and UMD College Park, started us off on a … Continued

Christmas at Grace Life Lima

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Hi everyone! Grace Life Lima finished out the year celebrating Christmas in their small groups, taking our Sunday fellowship food to those who are in need around our community, and collecting food from the congregation members to give to those … Continued

Hola from Peru!

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My name is Andrew, and I’ve been working and serving in campus ministry as volunteer staff at Stepping Stone Ministry (SSM) in Baltimore. In this season I am serving as part of the staff here at Grace Life Lima for … Continued

Cheap Peru Flight

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Anyone is welcome to visit Grace Life Lima at any time! Everyone would love to have more visitors and we will help with all the arrangements. There is a great sale going on right now with the best airline to … Continued