Grace Life Network is a network of churches that work together to advance the Gospel in obedience to the Great Commission. Our vision is to plant churches and raise up leaders for ministry and mission who will “make disciples of all nations.”

Starting as a single church plant in the city of Baltimore in 1997, we have planted four other churches in the Baltimore region since then. Over the years, churches within the network have sent out hundreds of people who are serving as leaders in various churches and ministries nationally and internationally.

Grace Life Network is not only a network of churches, but also a network of people who have truly been sent out to “make disciples of all nations.” It has been a privilege and honor to be used by God in this way thus far and to continue to join Him in His Kingdom work.

Grace Life Network is…

  1. a network of people who have been trained, discipled, and sent out from one of the churches in the Grace Life Network
  2. a network of churches who share resources and function as one church but in different locations
  3. a fellowship of churches who partner with Grace Life Network in order to equip, assist and strengthen one another, and provide opportunities for fellowship and accountability, while still recognizing the autonomy of each local church.


Photo Credit: Seier+Seier (Flickr)